Columbia County Fair

The 3rd Annual Columbia County Spring Fair will have a delayed opening
Today Sunday, April 30th at 4pm
Please come on out and help us close out the day with a big crowd!


Fair Concession Buildings 1 & 2
County High School Fund Raising Activity

The Merchants Association of Columbia County (MACC) provides two permanent fixture, purpose built, concession stands during each Spring & Fall fair for our Columbia County GA High Schools to use for fund raising activities.

The buildings are free of charge to you. Your school activity coach or supervisor must register to get one of the two buildings, and agree to our terms described below to use them. One high school per building each fair.

The concession buildings are located on the fairgrounds at opposite ends of the midway. Building ONE is closest to the Drew Gate/Ticket sale entrance. Building TWO is closest to Columbia Road.

Each building has limited food service equipment and cold storage, a beverage cooler, electric outlets, running water & sink, counter space, and windows that open to the midway for counter sales. You  should evaluate your needs for the food and beverage items you intend to provide for sale and bring things you may need such as ice coolers, storage boxes, and other items needed to do your concession properly. You will need to provide your own consumable supplies such as: foils for serving/storing food, cleaning items, paper towels, condiments, napkins, plates, utensils, and the like. If you think you need additional warming plates or crock pots, you must provide those also. We recommend you provide signage to identify your school and organization.

You are only permitted to sell food and soft beverage items. You are responsible to transport your items to and from the building and maintain your inventory related to whatever foods you are serving. Adult supervision must be on site at all times. You must provide your own trash bags and cleaning items and dispose of trash regularly.  Your area must be staffed for the duration of the fair and open and close on time; also, the area around and inside of the building must kept clean and in order by your crew. MACC representatives are permitted to enter or inspect your operation at any time for cleanliness and good order. Your area must be cleaned inside, floor swept, trash out and the outside presentable and clean at the end of the fair before you turn the building back to MACC.

Please fill out the on line form below and submit for consideration. You will be notified if selected.  When selected, please arrange a meeting with a MACC representative you can contact at for further information and to view the building.

This is a great opportunity for your high school, please take advantage of it.

This vendor electronic agreement indicates the full application AND contract terms have been read, understood, and that the Vendor and all agents and associates agree with all stipulations.