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Returning Vendors will receive an invitation to return to the Fair via an email.

THE MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION OF COLUMBIA COUNTY (MACC) holds the Columbia County Fairs on a 48 acre privately owned property with a 5,000 sq. ft. Exhibition Building on site. MACC typically rents Exhibitor (vendor) space within the Exhibition building during the fair events. In 2023 MACC has decided to open the Exhibition building for rental during the Spring 2023 Fair, and will also have the Exhibition Building open for rental for the Fall 2023 fair.

Returning Vendors will receive and invitation by email for an opportunity to rent a space at a discounted rate during an early registration period. Refer to the Indoor Vendor application forms on the website for important dates and rates associated with Early and General registration. In all cases, applications to request a booth space can be submitted through the website (SUBMIT button), or printed and mailed to the address below. All applications will be reviewed for approval by MACC. Booths will be assigned based on an approved application AND a minimum 50% deposit for the space requested, on a first come, first serve basis. Payment can be made by Credit Card via “SQUARE” (app), which is online, included as a link on the Exhibitor Application. As an option, payment can be made by Check (payable to MACC) and sent to the address cited on the application. Any applications not approved, will refund the deposit amount.

There are some booth spaces that are priced at a premium from the standard listing. Booth rental rates are stated in the application on the website or may be obtained by the MACC Exhibition Coordinator by emailing:

Rental booth space is limited and demand for space is steady. MACC does not provide exclusivity regarding products or services. Any vendor requiring a W9 form, can be provided one upon request.

The Columbia County Fairs, as sponsored by MACC, typically entertain over 70,000 patrons per fair, providing a great opportunity for exhibitor’s exposure of services and products.

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Martinez, Georgia. 30917

Questions or Contact an MACC representative:
MACC Exhibition Coordinator:


Lots of Good Food at the Fair!! Anyone interested in the Food Court area at the 2023 Fair?
Please contact Mike Zapata at

Concession Stands for Columbia County High School Fund Raising

The Merchants Association of Columbia County provides two permanent purpose built, concession stands during each Spring & Fall fair for your fundraising activities. The buildings are free of charge to your school & a great opportunity for your school organization to raise funds for your activity.

One high school per stand, each fair, so apply early. To apply for use of a MACC Concession Stand at the upcoming fair, click the box below for more information and an application form.


All of our 27 spaces are available for rent “INSIDE” our heated Vendor Building. Our Vendor building is our primary entrance to the Fair Midway and generates a lot of traffic. All of our free Patron transportation drops off Patrons at the Vendor building. Additionally, our Food Court area is located next to the Vendor building and this too generates a lot of exposure/traffic. Limited outdoor space may be available upon inquiry.

Payment can be made by Credit Card or by Check to reserve space. Credit Card payments have an additional convenience processing fee for all transactions. Refer to the Vendor Application link on the website for important Dates and Rates for the Spring and Fall Fairs.

The booth rental cost is for the duration of the fair. Refer to the Vendor Application link (Outdoor or Indoor) for important Dates and Rates. We have no one day options. You receive two parking passes and two gate passes with your package. You will receive your passes when you arrive to set up. If you have multiple personnel working you may leave your gate passes in the booth and the Gate attendants will allow you to retrieve your gate passes. There is a limited parking area for Vendors. Parking attendant will direct you to the Vendor Parking area once your parking permit is verified. If spaces are full, you will have to park in general parking.

Yes. We provide an approximate 10×10 clean empty space. You bring what you need to display your product or service. Each booth space has electricity.

WiFi may be available, service is not guaranteed.  If your booth service is dependent upon WiFi, you should consider having your own hotspot.
Inquire with the MACC Coordinator.

Set-up is generally 1-2 days BEFORE the first day of the fair.  Unless coordinated with the MACC coordinator, no set-up is permitted on the first scheduled day of the fair.
Tear down is the first day after the fair ends; typically on Monday.  No teardown is permitted during the core hours of the fair.  Upon reservation of a booth, the MACC Coordinator will provide more detail instructions on set-up and tear down.

You will have access to your booth before the Fair opens daily. The Vendor Building is located at our Primary entrance to the Fair and patrons will walk through the building. For this reason, no vehicle, cart or dolly access is allowed to the doors of the building one hour before the Fair opens. You can hand carry items to your booth space at any time. Vendors must display their “Vendor Badge” to enter each day; and through the fair hours as they leave and re-enter the building.  Vendor badges are issued upon rental of the booth space, and are generally limited to 2 passes/ booth.