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Spring Fair
Friday, April 21st
to Sunday, April 30th, 2023

2022 Scholarships

Thursday, June 23rd 2022!

The Merchants Association of Columbia County recognized their 2022 scholarship recipients during their monthly meeting Thursday, June 23rd at the Columbia County Fairgrounds. The Scholarship program began in the 1960’s when the association was first chartered and has consistently grown due to the success of many fundraising events. The Scholarship program is open to all seniors attending High School in Columbia County. This year’s recipients were:

Harlem High
Luke Rhodes – Ruby Lane/Terry Davis Scholarship – $2,000
Emmalyn Pledger – Vocational Scholarship – $1,000
Gerald Elam, Jr – Vocational Scholarship – $1,000
Jermiah Ellis – Vocational Scholarship – $1,000
Katryn Diehl – Vocational Scholarship – $1,000

HighMcKenzie Matthews – Ruby Lane/Terry Davis Scholarship – $2,000
Matthew She – Ruby Lane/Terry Davis Scholarship – $2,000

Greenbrier High
Hunter Martin – Ruby Lane/Terry Davis Scholarship – $2,000
Kristalee Gonzalez-Perez – Ruby Lane/Terry Davis Scholarship – $2,000
Allison Bell – Vocational Scholarship – $1,000

Grovetown High
Jaden Lim – Ruby Lane/Terry Davis Scholarship – $2,000
Lynna Kim – Vocational Scholarship – $1,000
Sebastian Rivera – Vocational Scholarship – $1,000

Augusta Christian
Zackery Blackwell – Ruby Lane/Terry Davis Scholarship – $2,000
Peyton Sealey- Ruby Lane/Terry Davis Scholarship – $2,000

Seminary Scholarship
Steven Hardy – $2,000

The Merchants Association of Columbia County sponsors The Miss Columbia County Fair Pageant, the Columbia County Christmas Parade, The Annual Columbia County Fall & Spring Fair and many more community events, which generate additional money to be donated to other community charities.

PICTURE 1: Hunter Martin, Steven Hardy Jermiah Ellis, Kristalee Gonzalez-Perez, Lynna Kim, Jaden Lim, & Emmalyn Pledger.

PICTURE 2 & 3: Board Members Mr. Bill Easler and Mr. Mark Herbert are pictured here with some of the 2022 Scholarship recipients

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