Columbia County Fair

Grovetown, GA

The Fair is Coming:









Free Parking Every Night

Thursday, Nov. 5th - Sunday, Nov. 15th

Mission Statement


The Merchants Association of Columbia County, as a non-profit organization, views our organization as a community resource, with one of our functions being to provide a quality County Fair for our guests and to enhance educational opportunities available at the fairgrounds with emphasis on youth and agriculture, while uniting urban and rural communities in celebration. We strive to entertain and promote our communities’ traditions, talents, diversity, vision and agricultural heritage, in a secure and fiscally responsible way and to promote education for the youth of our area through exhibits, tours and the funding of scholarships. We highly encourage the participation of youth in these endeavors. Our goal is to develop and implement guidelines to assist in designing wholesome family activities to educate, entertain, stimulate and challenge fairgoers. It is also our goal to preserve the heritage of our state and community through the fair with wholesome family events and challenge organizations and citizens to connect and engage in maintaining, improving, and sustaining the livable qualities of our community for today and the future.

The Columbia County Fair provides the most valuable, educational and entertaining experience that resources will allow. The Fair also generates most of our income, which allows us to donate to many worthwhile community organizations. Operations of the fairgrounds facilities year round are to serve the community by providing multipurpose facilities for both public and private events in a responsible manner generating economic stimulation and tourism development in this community.


We strive to:

  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Foster Tradition and History
  • Provide an Educationally Stimulating Environment
  • Offer exceptional value
  • Showcase our area’s agriculture arts, crafts and industry
  • Present forums for knowledge and ideas
  • Create unique experiences
  • Provide a safe, clean environment that is accessible to all

Develop and maintain a Professional Team that focuses on:

  • Community Service & Support
  • Customer Service
  • Education
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Integrity

Hours Starting Oct 31st!

MON-THURS 5pm-11pm
FRI 5pm -12Midnight
SAT 11am-12Midnight
SUN 1pm-11pm


5462 Columbia Rd,  
Grovetown, Ga, 30813

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