New Youth Attendance Policy:

After 7:00pm, 17 And Under
Must Be Accompanied By A Parent.

Countdown to the 2022 Fall Fair









Free Parking Every Night

Fall Fair
Thursday, November 3rd
to Sunday, November 13th, 2022

Mission Statement

The Columbia County Fair exists for two primary reasons: to support local charities and community enrichment. Each year, the Merchants Association of Columbia County uses proceeds from this event to provide significant donations to numerous local and national charities. During these difficult times, we realize that many charities are in great need of donations. It is with this purpose in mind that we move forward with this year’s fair.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair!


We strive to:

  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Foster Tradition and History
  • Provide an Educationally Stimulating Environment
  • Offer exceptional value
  • Showcase our area’s agriculture arts, crafts and industry
  • Present forums for knowledge and ideas
  • Create unique experiences
  • Provide a safe, clean environment that is accessible to all

Develop and maintain a Professional Team that focuses on:

  • Community Service & Support
  • Customer Service
  • Education
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Integrity

Gate Times

THURS., NOV. 3RD  5pm - 11pm
FRI., NOV. 4TH  5pm - 11pm
SAT., NOV. 5TH  12noon - 11pm
SUN., NOV. 6TH  1pm - 11pm
MON., NOV. 7TH  5pm - 11pm
TUES., NOV. 8TH  5pm - 11pm
WED., NOV. 9TH  5pm - 11pm
THURS, NOV. 10TH  5pm - 11pm
FRI., NOV. 11TH  5pm - 11pm
SAT., NOV. 12TH 12noon - 11pm
SUN., NOV. 13TH  1pm - 10pm


5462 Columbia Rd,  
Grovetown, Ga, 30813

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