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Countdown to 2022 Spring Fair









Free Parking Every Night

Spring Fair
Saturday, April 23rd
to Sunday, May 1st, 2022

Future Farmers of America

Students Grades 9-12 who are paid members of the Harlem, Greenbrier, or Evans FFA Chapters can participate.

There will be 3 different plant I.D. contest:

1) Nursery Landscape
2) Floriculture
3) Forestry

Eligible students may participate in any or all of these contests.

There will be two divisions of prizes for each of the three contest. The first division will be individual prizes. The Top Five Highest Scoring Individuals in each of the three contest will be given the following awards:

1st place individual – $25.00 and a plaque
2nd place individual – $20.00 and a plaque
3rd place individual – $15.00 and a plaque
4th place individual – $10.00 and a plaque
5th place individual – $5.00 and a plaque

There will also be three awards for each team score in each of the three contest (a team score will consist of the total for the highest 5 individual scores from each school.

1st place team – plaque
2nd place team – plaque
3rd place team – plaque

4-H Clubs

Monthly club meetings for grades K-12, including homeschool, begin in September. Specialty Club registration occurs one evening in late September at Savannah Rapids Pavilion. Specialty Clubs include Robotics, Rabbit and Cavy, Craft, Horse, Culinary, Archery, and Shotgun. Prices, meeting times, and grade requirements vary from club to club. Columbia County 4-H also offers a wide variety of activities and camps throughout the year focusing on STEM, the environment, healthy living, citizenship, and agriculture. Visit our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all of our upcoming events!


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