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Countdown to 2022 Spring Fair









Free Parking Every Night

Spring Fair
Saturday, April 23rd
to Sunday, May 1st, 2022


Returning Vendors will receive an invitation to return to the Fair via an email.

New Vendors who are using our website to submit an application, please note that your application is subject to the approval of the Merchants Association of Columbia County (MACC). We do not open any new spaces to the public until August 9th, the deadline for returning Vendors to reserve their space. We typically have open spaces each year and spaces are filled on a first come first serve basis. We have a limited number of spaces and we try not to have more than two vendors with the same product or services. We DO NOT offer any exclusivity regarding products or services. Any application received before August 9th, will be held pending a review of products/services and open spaces. If for any reason, you are not selected, your check will be returned to you. Lastly, we are not setup to take credit card payments before the Fair starts. For this reason, you will need to attach a check with your application. Any Vendor requiring a W9 can be provided one.

We require a completed application with a minimum 50% deposit to reserve a space for the 2021 Fair. You may pay the full amount if you like. Returning Vendors have been emailed a new application and must submit their application with payment on or before August 9th to reserve their space. If we have not heard from you by August 9th, your space will be opened to the public for rental. A Returning Vendor, who submits an application after August 9th will be subject to a late penalty making the total cost $396.00. This late penalty does not apply to new Vendors.

Mail the completed application along with your check, made payable to MACC, to MACC PO BOX 204455

Frequently Asked Questions

Booth Locations:

All of our 27 spaces are available for rent “INSIDE” our heated Vendor Building. Our Vendor building is our primary entrance to the Fair Midway and generates a lot of traffic. All of our free Patron transportation drops off Patrons at the Vendor building. Additionally, our Food Court area is located next to the Vendor building and this too generates a lot of exposure/traffic

Payment Method for Reserving your Booth Space

Currently, we do not accept credit card payments. To reserve your Booth space, please include a check along with your Application to reserve your Booth space. Please note there are deadlines to secure your space and there are increased fees for late registration for returning Vendors

What's the cost for one day?

There are no single day options. Only the full 11 days of the Fair are available. You receive two parking passes and two gate passes with your package. If you have multiple personnel working, you may leave your gate passes in the booth and the Gate attendants will allow you to retrieve your gate passes. There is a limited parking area for Vendors. Parking attendant will direct you to the Vendor Parking area once your parking permit is verified. If spaces are full, you will have to park in general parking.

What are the event hours?

MON-THRU 5pm-11pm
FRI 5pm -12Midnight
SAT 12Noon-12Midnight
SUN 1pm-11pm

Booth Occupancy Requirements?

Your Booth space must be setup before Fair opening. If you do not set anything in your Booth space by the final setup day, your Booth space will be forfeited along with your application payment. There are no refunds. You are required to decorate your space to advertise your product/service for the full 11 days of the Fair.

There are no requirements about how much time you personally spend occupying your booth. However, the ones that spend more time in their space have better results. We leave this to your discretion.

All decorations and personnel must remain within the confines of each booth space. The walk ways must remain free and clear per State Fire Marshall regulations.

All wood display tables or display shelves must be covered with a table cloth. No raw wood displays allowed.

You may not pin or otherwise attach anything directly to the drape material. You can hang or suspend items directly to the metal bar support.

Is electricity provided?

We provide a 10×10 clean empty space. You bring what you need to display your product or service. Each booth space has access to electricity. You may not pin or hang anything from the drapes. You may use rope from fishing line to hang a light object from the support pole.

Is Wifi Available

Yes Wifi is available for an additional $35.00 fee.

Are tables and chairs provided?

No. You need to bring whatever you need to decorate your booth space

Instructions for loading/setup/takedown, and parking.

Setup is the preceding Tuesday and Wednesday from noon to 7pm (the two days prior to Fair opening)

Tear Down is Monday on the 1st day after Fair Closes from 10am to 5pm.

Other arrangements made on a per case basis – for large equipment, etc. Any large equipment must be setup before the pipe and drape display is installed to allow vehicle access to the booth and must be removed after pipe and drape display has been taken down to allow vehicle access.


MON-THURS 5pm - 11pm
FRI 5pm - 11pm
SAT 1pm - 11pm
SUN 1pm - 10pm


5462 Columbia Rd,  
Grovetown, Ga, 30813

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