Columbia County Fair



Columbia County Christmas Parade

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2023 @ 3:30PM

Apply to be a part of the Columbia County Christmas Parade!

Application Portion

Please complete this application and submit your payment before the deadline. We will not accept applications after November 28th, 2023 - 5 days before the parade.
Contact Name(Required)
It is very important that you provide an email address that is checked regularly for updates

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I/We hereby voluntarily release and indemnify the Merchants Association of Columbia County and all parade committee workers from any and all liability in any way arising from injury, loss, theft and damage to person and/or property that might be sustained or received in connection with participation in said parade. I/We have read and understand and do agree with the above provisions and have signed below accordingly.

Rules & Guidelines


1. All entries must have some type of Christmas decorations or Christmas theme. All portions of your entry to include vehicles and/or floats must have decorations adorned on all of them. This is a requirement to entry. Please do not use anything that can be interpreted as Santa. Only one Santa will arrive at the very end of the parade. The Merchants of Columbia County will have final say as to whether or not a group meets the parade criteria and may pull any group from the parade if actions are not done in the Christmas Spirit.
2. No one will throw any candy or artifact into the crowd. Someone will have to walk and hand out candy. No one will be allowed to leave or enter a moving vehicle. THESE ARE SAFETY ISSUES.
3. If your entry is being judged, you will need to mark that section of the application accordingly. Entries will be judged in your line up position starting approximately 1:00pm, BE READY. You can leave for a break after judging, just be back by 3:00. Groups will be awarded trophy and prize money at the grand stand in front of the live TV Broadcast. Smile and wave.
4. If you are a commercial or political entry (any entry other than church, school, or other non-profit), there will be a $50 entry fee which must be submitted with your application. Applications will not be accepted without the entry fee. Credit cards not accepted, check or cash only. MACC can't predict the weather and there will be no refunds of entry fees.
5. When your entry reaches the end of the parade route, please exit on Faircloth and Washington Rd. A Police officer will help direct traffic.
6. Marching and Dancing Groups are encouraged to perform along the parade route. We have time constraints. Keep the parade close at 50' between entries. Please keep moving.
7. All decisions by the judges will be in good faith and will be final.
8. All entries are subject to acceptance and approval by the Merchants Association of Columbia County Parade Chairman.
9. The Merchants Association will not be responsible or liable for any lost or stolen objects or for any accidents that may occur. There must be a signature of the responsible party on the application.
10. All horse and animal entries must have someone to pick up the animal droppings. THIS IS A MUST OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE PARADE. You must have the proper tools. Shovels, brooms and wheel barrows are the only items allowed. If we see that the situation is not being handled, you will be pulled from the parade. Failure to comply with this could jeopardize participation in this parade and future parades.
11. All entries will control their noise levels. Any music played must be at a normal volume and be Christmas music.
12. If additional decorations are done at the assembly area, you must clean up the area used. If trash is left at the assembly area or along the route, we will access a fine or not allowed entry the following year.
13. Remember that this is a Christmas Parade and not a line of advertisements or endorsements. Please comply.

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