Columbia County Fair
Columbia County Fair Food
Returning Vendors will receive an invitation to return to the Fair via an email.

New Vendors, who are using our website to submit an application, please note that your application is subject to the approval of the Merchants Association of Columbia County (MACC). We do not open any new spaces to the public until August 7th, the deadline for returning Vendors to reserve their space. We typically have open spaces each year and spaces are filled on a first come first serve basis. We have a limited number of spaces and we try not to have more than two vendors with the same product or services. We DO NOT offer any exclusivity regarding products or services. Any application received before August 7th, will be held pending a review of products/services and open spaces. If for any reason, you are not selected, your check will be returned to you. Lastly, we are not setup to take credit card payments before the Fair starts. For this reason, you will need to attach a check with your application. Any Vendor requiring a W9 can be provided one.

We require a completed application with a minimum 50% deposit to reserve a space for the 2017 Fair. You may pay to full amount if you like. Returning Vendors have been emailed a new application and must submit their application with payment on or before August 7th to reserve their space. If we have not heard from you by August 7th, your space will be opened to the public for rental. A Returning Vendor, who submits an application after August 7th will be subject to a late penalty making the total cost $360.00. This late penalty does not apply to new Vendors.

Mail the completed application along with your check, made payable to MACC, to MACC P.O. Box 204455 Martinez, GA 30907.

The booth cost is $330.00 for the 11 days of the fair for “each” 10'x10' booth space. All booths are interior spaces located within the heated Vendor building, which is our primary entrance to the midway. Patrons will walk through the Vendor building to gain access to the Midway. As a part of your Vendor package, you will receive two Vendor admission passes and two parking passes that are good for the 11 days of the Fair.

You are provided Vendor Parking passes that will be displayed in the front dash area of your vehicle. Please make certain the parking attendant can see your Vendor parking pass and you will be directed to the designated parking area. We have limited parking spaces. If the designated Vendor parking area is full, you will have to park in general parking. Because our space is limited, any vehicle parked in the Vendor parking area without a Vendor parking pass is subject to being towed. We do this to assure our Vendor parking spaces are available for Vendors only.

Tuesday, October 30th 11 AM to 7 PM
Wednesday, October 31st 11 AM to 7 PM
If your booth space is not setup by Wednesday, your space will be assigned to another Vendor and your rental payment will be forfeited.

Your booth space must be setup displaying your product/services for the full 11 days of the Fair. You may begin to dismantle your booth space beginning on the last day of the Fair but not before 9PM. You may hand carry any item out to your vehicle after 9PM. You will not be allowed to park your car any where near the entrance/exit of the Vendor building due to continued patron traffic and liability issues.

Monday November 12th 11 AM to 5 PM

All vendors are required to remove the contents of their booth space on Monday following the Fair, November 12th, 2018, beginning at 11am through 5PM. Those with large items requiring vehicle access will have special arrangements to remove those items. All others are expected to have their booth spaces emptied on Monday following the last day of the Fair.

Click here for 2018 Exhibitors form (PDF file).
Click here for 2018 Booth Rental FAQs (PDF file).